Complete Air Control & Distribution Solutions

Nailor Industries, Inc. is known for our industry leading customer focused approach to providing innovative commercial and industrial HVAC products. Nailor manufactures a unique and comprehensive line of products essential for a well designed HVAC system.  Product offerings include Air Control & Distribution products, VAV Terminal Units, Green Building products, Fan Coil Units, Electric Duct Heaters, Sound Attenuators, Air Handling Units, and Filter Housings. Coupled with a wide range of product offerings and industry leading design, testing and manufacturing capabilities, Nailor offers a single source solution for all of your HVAC needs.

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Existing products for this Manufacturer

Product Name Product Description Product Categories Product Image  
Single Duct Terminal Units Nailor 3000 and 3100 Series Terminal Units are among the most versatile VAV boxes on the market, pro more... VAV Terminal Units
Bypass Terminal Units Nailor 3400 Series Bypass Terminal Units are designed to provide variable air volume supply when use more... VAV Terminal Units
Retrofit Terminal Units Nailor 3600 Series Retrofit Terminal Units are designed for all applications and are engineered to t more... VAV Terminal Units
Fan Powered Chilled Water (DOAS) Terminal Units Nailor 33SZ Series Fan Powered Chilled Water Terminal Units include a cooling induction coil to use more... VAV Terminal Units
Fan Powered Terminal Units Nailor Fan Powered Terminal Units provide many standard features and superior sound performance when more... VAV Terminal Units
Dual Duct Terminal Units Nailor 3200 Series Dual Duct Terminal Units are designed to maintain optimal temperature control in more... VAV Terminal Units
Underfloor Products Nailor offers a wide range of Underfloor products including, swirl diffuers, linear diffusers, fan p more... Green Products
Displacement Diffusers Nailor offers a complete line of Displacement Diffusers with a pleasing aesthetic design to suit any more... Green Products
High Capacity - Ducted The Engineered Comfort 35FH Series fan coil accommodate a variety of applications, designed typicall more... Fan Coils
Low Profile - In Room The Low Profile 40H Series fan coil units designed for hotels, schools, apartment and residential co more... Fan Coils
Low Profile - Ducted The 37FH Series is a fully commercial quality unit designed for concealed ceiling applications where more... Fan Coils
Hi-Rise/Stack The 39VH series is designed as a modular unit with integral risers to allow units to be Fan Coils
Floor/Sill - In Room The 41V Series is available in concealed and exposed chassis. The slender design makes this unit ide more... Fan Coils
Closet/Hideaway The 39MU Low Boy Vertical Fan Coil Unit product line is a compact design for concealed stand-alone a more... Fan Coils
Hi-Rise/Stack - Low Profile The 39L series is the same design, unit sizes, features and options as the standard 39VH series mode more... Fan Coils
Louvers & Architectural Products Nailor offers a wide range AMCA certified louvers available in custom and standard configurations to more... Air Control
Control, Balancing & Backdraft Dampers Nailor offers a comprehensive line of damper products for airflow control in commercial and industri more... Air Control
Industrial Dampers Nailor’s heavy duty industrial control dampers are designed for use in high pressure industrial HV more... Air Control
Curtain Fire Dampers Nailor manufactures a variety of curtain type fire dampers to suit a wide array of applications that more... Air Control
Multi-Blade Fire Dampers Nailor (D)1200 and D1250 Series UL 555 rated Multi-Blade Fire Dampers are available with a multitude more... Air Control
Smoke Dampers Nailor 1210, 1260, 1280, and 1290S Series Smoke Dampers have been tested and labeled in accordance w more... Air Control
Fire/Smoke Dampers Nailor’s commitment to the development of new and existing fire and smoke control technology has r more... Air Control
Actuators & Damper Accessories Nailor supplies, installs, and factory commissions actuators on our louvers, control dampers and lif more... Air Control
Ceiling Dampers Nailor Ceiling Radiation Dampers have been tested to UL 555C for use with air outlets in lay-in ceil more... Air Control
Access Doors Nailor offers a comprehensive line of access doors ideal for life safety damper inspection and testi more... Air Control
Flowline Architectural Linear Diffusers FlowLine™ Architectural Linear Diffusers are designed to integrate and blend supply and return air more... Air Distribution
Linear Slot Diffusers & Bar Grilles Nailor Linear Slot Diffusers and Bar Grilles are engineered and designed to satisfy high performance more... Air Distribution
Plenum Slot and Light Troffer Diffusers Nailor Plenum Slot and Light Troffer Diffusers are designed for an extremely unobtrusive method of a more... Air Distribution
Ceiling Diffusers Nailor manufactures a wide variety of Ceiling Diffusers that deliver outstanding performance without more... Air Distribution
Hospital/Cleanroom Diffusers Nailor 9200 Series Hospital/Cleanroom Diffusers provide industry leading performance and high qualit more... Air Distribution
Fire Rated Nailor Fire Rated Diffusers are classified and listed by Underwriters Laboratory for use in UL/ULC r more... Air Distribution
Grilles & Registers Nailor Grilles and Registers are precisely manufactured with premium quality materials and are desig more... Air Distribution
Security Grilles, Registers & Diffusers Nailor offer a complete line of Security Grilles, Registers, and Diffusers. The product line include more... Air Distribution
F Series: Formed Frame Thermal’s F Series (Formed Frame) air handlers are constructed around a unitized bolted frame. The more... Air Handlers
TS Series: Foam Panel Thermal’s T² (TS) Series (Foam Panel) style of air handlers are constructed around a unitized alu more... Air Handlers
CF Series: Classic Welded Frame Thermal’s CF Series (Classic Welded Frame) air handlers are constructed around a welded formed fra more... Air Handlers
T Series: Tubular Frame Thermal’s T Series (Tubular Frame) of air handlers are constructed around a welded tubular frame. more... Air Handlers
Blower Coil Thermal’s HBC (Horizontal Blower Coil) and VBC (Vertical Blower Coil) Series indoor air handling u more... Air Handlers
Tranquility Column Unit Thermal’s Tranquility Column Unit (TCU) is designed to mix multiple airstreams and provide the con more... Air Handlers